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Federal CVs by The Resume Team

In order to make it through all the interview stages of a federal job application, you must prove that you fit every single requirement for the position. Our resumes for government positions are crafted by professional federal resume writers who have experience in the government workforce. Each CV is tailored to the specific position you are applying for to ensure that your resume fulfills the application requirements. Find your dream job in government with The Resume Team today.

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Jobs in government are highly competitive and require very specific qualifications. Proving yourself in a federal job application requires a meticulous resume that’s tailored for more than just your position — you need one that follows all the regulations of a federal resume. The Resume Team’s federal resume writing services ensure a highly specific government resume and cover letter.

Federal Resume Writing Services

The Resume Team knows that resumes for government positions are completely unique from the average CV. While a typical resume briefly summarizes your experience in less than a page, our professional federal resume writers know that a federal resume should be much more detailed — usually two to five pages long for an entry level position.

Our federal CVs take a deep dive into the details of your work and educational history to provide examples of past job responsibilities and coursework that qualify you for the specific position you are applying for.