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Besides classroom teaching positions, our resumes for education are also suitable for educational administrators, teaching assistants, and professor positions. The Resume Team prides itself in sweating the small stuff. We modify your CV to fit each position you apply for, and will continue to tweak your resume until you are completely satisfied.

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Education is a specialized field that requires a specialized resume. Showcase your teaching experience, educational background, and professional accomplishments with our expertly written resumes for education. The Resume Team will help you explain your work history in a way that is engaging and professional for all industry specialties. Crafted by experts in the field, our resumes for teaching jobs are designed to set you apart from the competition.

Resumes for Educators, by Educators. CVs for Careers in Education.

Our resumes for teaching jobs are specifically tailored towards careers in education. A strong resume for education will showcase your degrees and certifications, explain your classroom experience, and make note of any extracurricular activities you are involved in, like coaching or managing clubs.

Our team of experienced resume writers will comb through your professional background to bring the most pertinent details forward. Resume writers creates CVs that illustrate your accomplishments, not your duties. From class sizes to lesson planning, our resume writers pack all of the most relevant information into your resume including:

  • CDA Certification
  • Experience with SMART Board Lesson Development
  • ELL Literacy Seminar
  • Experience with Special Needs