Should I Write a Thank You Note

By March 23, 2017 August 5th, 2022 No Comments

In the recruiting field, we get this question quite frequently. A candidate finishes up an interview, feels like it went great and wonders if thank you notes are worth their time or if they really matter.

The Answer: Absolutely!

Here are are few tips on writing your thank you letter:

  • Make sure you ask for a business card. Not only does this show the interview team that you are interested in them, it will also serve help you easily identify their address. Try to grab a business card from each person that you interview with. It is ok to ask as people love handing out their cards.
  • Have the letter, envelope, and stamp ready when you leave the interview. We always suggest buying these the day before the interview and leaving them in your car. This method ensures that you will be ready to write the thank you note as soon as you finish the interview, and also helps with the procrastination of waiting too long.
  • When possible, always choose sending a physical letter over an email. In this electronic world, people still enjoy getting letters in the mail. This also separates you because you showed a little more effort in thanking the team.
  • Include one thing that you found interesting about the company. “I really enjoyed learning more about your company’s outreach to the community as this is something that I am passionate about as well.”
  • Try to remember one thing personal about the interviewer. Ask if they have plans this weekend. If they indicated that they are taking a family trip this weekend to the mountains, close your letter by saying, “Hope you had a relaxing trip to the mountains.” Something that shows the interviewer that you actually have interest in them as a coworker.
  • Mail it the same day as the interview. If you wait too long, you may forget or it may arrive after the team has made their hiring decision. Use your thank you note to push you over the edge.