Why Seek a Better Resume?

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Why Seek a Better Resume?

There’s an abundance of reasons why you should seek a better resume. It goes without saying, the better the resume, the better your chances of landing an interview. That’s where Resume Pundits comes in.

Your resume is your professional identity. You would not show up to an interview with holes in your suit, likewise you would show up with “holes” in your resume either. Resume styles and formats are ever changing, so it is important to stay up to date with what your competition’s document looks like. If you are still using an Objective Statement on your resume, it’s time for a resume makeover.

Does your resume have all of the information that is required? Probably not. Although no one knows you better than you, chances are you are overlooking key points in your experience that hiring managers are looking for. Additionally, many recruiters search through resumes with programs that seek out keywords. It is a good idea to place your resume in the hands of someone who is experienced in the hiring process so that you are sure to have your resume optimized correctly.

A better resume also serves as an outline for you to speak on during your interview. Most hiring managers will ask you to start at the bottom and walk them through your experience. If you have a optimal resume highlighting your experience, it serves as a template for you to speak upon.