Seasonal Jobs | Are They Worth It?

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In an era where most job markets, even those offering entry level positions, are overflowing with competition, a staggering amount of people have been left struggling to find employment. Seasonal work can often come as a huge financial relief for those in this position; most notably from employers who take on new hires between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve for extra support during an extremely busy consumer season. But is a seasonal workload really worth the paycheck? Learn more about what a seasonal job is and what it can do for you.

What is a Seasonal Job?

If you’re wondering what a seasonal job is, it’s defined as temporary employment that usually recurs. Many employees are hired on during the holiday season, or during the summer for short term jobs in retail, food service, and amusement parks. Many of these positions end after 2-3 months and return the next year.


There are several advantages to working a seasonal job including quick cash, little to no experience requirements, and it provides you the opportunity to impress management and get hired into a more permanent position.

Monetary Incentive

Quick cash is quite the incentive to take on seasonal work, especially during financially demanding holidays. In a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, winter holidays are some of the most stressful times for Americans. On top of maintaining an income to support a family’s most basic needs, the thought of preparing Thanksgiving meals or buying holiday presents only exacerbates financial stress.

Being able to secure employment, or ensuring that some extra funds will be available to cover expenses, pushed many people to find what a seasonal job can do for them.

Experience Requirements

Since most seasonal jobs only require unskilled labor, there aren’t many intensive requirements to apply. Retail, food service, amusement parks, agriculture are all labor focused or sales focused positions where you don’t need a college degree or previous experience. Many young people still in high school, or with an incomplete college degree, are drawn to seasonal work.

Getting a Foot in the Door

While some are only interested in seasonal work for the extra cash, some actually want to work in the industry. What a seasonal job allows them to do is get a foot in the door and build a relationship with managers and with the company. After several months, or several seasons, working with a new hire who performs well, they may be asked to stay.


seasonal santasWhile there are a number of reasons you may want a seasonal job, there are some downsides to having one of these positions including long hours on your feet, demanding customers, and little job satisfaction.

Long Hours

Holiday work especially requires many hours on the job. Employees who work retail on Black Friday often work several eight hour shifts in a row with just enough time in between to allow employers to skip paying over time. Black Friday sales are no longer just one day long, they often last throughout the holiday season — prompting an overflow of customers. Impossibly long shifts are scheduled to deal with the higher influx.

Demanding Customers

Harried, stressed people are a common feature of the holiday season especially. Since many seasonal jobs involve customer service, dealing with their attitude on a daily basis can be draining for many. Keeping up your mood when faced with cranky, impatient people is often a real challenge for those in seasonal positions.

Unfulfilling Jobs

Because most seasonal jobs revolve around customer service and don’t provide many career advancement opportunities, many find them unfulfilling. Working a job you don’t love affects your mood and leaves you even more drained and tired at the end of each day.

What a Seasonal Job Does?

Is a seasonal job worth it for you? Hopefully, this analysis about the benefits and negative effects of seasonal jobs will help you decide if these are the right positions for you. Once you’ve decided to apply for a job, Resume Pundits can help.

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