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New Year Brings New Opportunities Across Most Job Markets – Get Your Resume Ready

So here we are at the start of 2017. I know we are still wondering where 2016 went! With all of your New Year’s Resolutions that you hope to stick to, there may be one that you are forgetting. The new year is an excellent time to start your job search and we’ll highlight a few reasons why.


During the third quarter of each year budgets start getting tight. Companies have been spending resources throughout the year on upgrades, infrastructure, training, promotions and marketing, and countless other pricy obligations. Unfortunately, when the year starts to wrap up, there is one area that employers tend to cut cost. Labor. What this means for you is although you may be fully qualified to land your desired position, the resources may not be there. When the new year rolls around employers have a fresh budget and are ready to start hiring again.

Need for Employees

The start of the year brings the opportunity for companies to set new goals, acquire new projects and kick off projects that were planned prior to the previous year. This employee ramp up is an ideal time for job seekers to get their resume out and start applying. The holiday season is over and hiring decision makers are back at work. A major obstacle from November – January is getting all decision makers together to discuss hiring needs. The start of the new year is typically a time when hiring managers get together and set their hiring goals.


Just like you, employees at your target companies are setting New Year’s Resolutions to find new employment. Strategically thinking employees know that they have unused paid time off and typically utilize their remaining vacation balance during the holiday season on their company’s dime. Many use this time as one last paid vacation before they move on. After all, it is frowned upon to start a new job and immediately take time off. When January comes, they resign from their position after a paid vacation. This is your opportunity to come in and fill their vacancy with a great resume.

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