Job Hunt – Are You Doing it Right?

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Job Hunt - Are You Doing it Right?

Sure finding a new job is a pretty difficult and stressful “job” in itself.  There many unknowns when it comes to finding a job, but you can follow these simple suggestions to increase your resume success.

  1. Leverage your relationships! Leverage your relationships! Yes, we meant to say that twice because it is that important. Remember last year when Leslie left the company for a similar role elsewhere? Chances are she can put you in front of the person that hired her. If you are in a sales role and have established great rapport, you can always talk to your clients about what openings their companies have. Finally, talk to your friends. You’d be surprised how many people have no idea what their friends even do for a living. Lastly, if your old boss has moved on and is with a new company, give them a call and let them know you are looking. Most people actually gain employment via their relationships and networks.
  1. Make your resume visible. Oftentimes, recruiters don’t have any fancy way of finding applicants. Once they sort through the candidates that applied to their posting, their next action is to hit the Internet. The three major employment companies, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed all have portals for you to upload your resume. When recruiters use these sites they search resumes in the area by keywords. If your resume is posted with them, then it will show up when they are looking. Also keep in mind you can post your resume anonymously so that your employer won’t come across you.
  1. Hit the streets. No, don’t break your hand on the pavement, instead visit all of the places that you would consider working at and drop off a resume. You never know when a company is just a week out from posting a job, or if the person in the current position is on their last write-up. You would be surprised how you can create a position for yourself just by showing up and dropping off a resume. Remember when you were a teenager looking for a job? You went door to door until someone hired you. This technique isn’t much different.