5 Popular Ways for Teachers to Earn Money Outside of Their 9-5

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Earn Money Outside

As anyone in the field will tell you, teaching is a rewarding and important occupation. Unfortunately teaching salaries and the length of working years can leave some people feeling a little tight with their budgets. If you’re a teacher looking for extra work, don’t worry, there are some good side jobs that teachers can partake in to earn some extra spending money outside of their 9-5. There are also some important resources like sales CV writing services, hospitality resume writers, and other types of tools to help you maximize opportunities and earnings. Let’s take a look!

1. Work in the Hospitality/Service Industry

Part of the job experience in teaching consists of meeting your students’ needs and ensuring that they are comfortable and included in the conversation. For those seeking hospitality and service jobs, the hard work is already done! You already know how to work with people, and children for that matter, who can be quite fussy!

No need to burden your schedule any more with extra training or schooling. However it does help to engage the services of hospitality resume writers, as they know exactly what hiring managers are looking for. A solid resume could mean a better paying job and flexible hours.

2. Freelance Writing, Editing, and Photography

The great thing about freelance writing, editing, and photography is that you can dabble in your favorite hobby outside of work, any hour you have free and any day you have to yourself. For teachers, writing and editing are natural choices for putting existing skills to work. And teachers who are hobbyist shutterbugs are sure to find an outlet for their artistic inclinations with photography work on the side. Talking to a professional about moving up in the freelance world can have a huge impact on your earnings and opportunities, and help you find some good side jobs.

Direct Sales3. Engaging in Direct Sales

Teachers have to constantly communicate with their students, faculty, and administration. If their students are children, this includes parents too. So, teachers have to be excellent with people in general. This is the perfect skill for being an effective salesperson. If this interests you, consider sales CV resume writing services.

A CV is the perfect way to showcase your people skills and get a hiring manager’s attention. Just make sure to get the help of a professional when you write it, so you know how to stand out in a competitive field and get the earnings you deserve.

4. Tutoring and Childcare Work

Teachers already do tutoring and childcare throughout their day job. Just extending those skills to private practices outside of work can really help to bring in some extra money. No additional training needed!

5. Working as a Courier

With web-based food delivery, grocery delivery, and shipping services, you can do courier work anytime –  as long as you have a car and are equipped for the road. There are plenty of good side jobs in this industry. Many different professionals all over the United States are getting into courier work to supplement their incomes.

Resume Writing for Educators

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