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There are many different career paths within the law sector. From entertainment lawyers to charity work and public defenders, The Resume Team offers fully customizable resume writing for lawyers to reflect your specific background and aspirations. Our team of experienced resume writers will adjust your resume for each specific position you are applying for to ensure a targeted approach for your career.

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Whether you are a recent law grad looking to land your first legal job or a seasoned attorney hoping to move up the ladder, The Resume Team offers the best attorney resume writing service to help give you an edge on the competition. Our team of experienced writers have worked in your field and can properly highlight your education and accomplishments.

The Resume You Need for a Career in Law

Our legal CVs are appropriate for prosecutors, civil attorneys, defense, public defenders, and legal assistants. The Resume Team of professional resume writers will highlight your educational accomplishments, including any law review publications you may have had, special honors, and academic achievements.

Our attorney resume writing service focuses on concrete work experience you have accrued including:

  • Types of cases you’ve worked
  • Committees you are on
  • Knowledge of court procedures
  • Litigation knowledge for consumer rights, corporations, or individuals
  • Professional organizations you are a member of